Privacy policy

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How I use the information you provide

I will only use your personal information with the purpose of responding to your information request, or to fulfil a translation requirement. In contacting me through this website you are providing consent for me to do so.

Disclosing your information

I will never sell or share your personal or professional information in any form or manner.

I will not disclose your information with other people or other companies, with the exception of the following specific situations:

* Working with other professionals on your project in order to deliver a high quality result.

* On request from a legal entity, court of law, government organisation or other third party as applicable, if I am required to do so in order to conform to a legal obligation, or protect my own rights or those of a third party.

Retaining your information

I may keep your information on record for accountancy purposes for up to 6 years after our contract has ended. If we have not worked together I may keep your information for up to 3 years from the date of consent. After this time, I may contact you to enquire if you still have an interest in my services. If not, your information will be deleted from my records.

Your choices

You have a right to require access to the personal and professional information held about you in my records. You may also request that I correct any mistakes or update any information which is no longer accurate or relevant. In some circumstances, you may ask me to delete your personal information or ask me to limit the way I use it. You may take back the consent you have given to the use of your data at any time, by contacting me by email at:



Last updated: 07/03/2022